lifestyle portrait

Jenn is a very sweet and charming wife.  I feel very pleased to be invited to do a portrait and boudoir shooting session for her during her short stay in HK.   To my surprise, this beautiful lady told me that she had never done any portrait photography except her big day shooting!  I thank her for her trust on me indeed!  Before our shooting session, we had a lot of fun chat online on the looks and styles she prefers and we exchanged some good ideas with some magazine images as references.  And I went to her service apartment to further chat on the styles and we tried to mix and match different outfits and play with a lovely little wag she bought in HK for hair extension. =)

The shooting was done at Hyatt Regancy, HK.  It’s a beautiful hotel and we started with some lifestyle photography at the club lounge.   Thanks God we got beautiful sunlight and what’s more, the staff there were all very nice and gave us 100% freedom for the shooting.   (Of course we also behaved very well as we’re both elegant ladies.  lol )    After that we moved back to her nice hotel room for the remaining portrait session with other styles and a boudoir session before the lovely sunrays left us.   She’d like to keep some privacy and so I would only show a few lifestyle photos here, mostly done at the club lounge.  =)

V Photography

Locations: Hyatt Regency, TST
Make up artist: Suki Lam