Penny & Kit ♥ Pre-Wedding

I felt very excited as the beautiful bride Penny told me their wedding theme is based on an Alice in Wonderland theme and they’d like to take part of their pre-wedding photos on this extraordinary theme! What a fascinating idea! Penny and her fiance Kit would like to have the shooting taken at Shek O for the day time and Central at night.  So I located a greenery area for this special theme shooting. It’s a cheerful time how we researched different images, from the fairy tale and from the movie online.  Putting pieces together and we figured out simple is beautiful.  So we decided not to have complicated costume and Penny went ahead to prepare props including the clock, flowers, poker, etc. She’s brilliant!!

Let’s journey to the Alice in Wonderland! =)


After we said bye to the fairy tale, we continued our happy shooting in Shek O…


And romance…


And we’re truly impressed by the natural wonders…  the big waves were like announcing “Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.” (Song of Songs 8:7)


And as we got totally carried away by the romantic scenery, we were once again amazed by the charming magic hour!


We carried on our love journey in Central.  Thanks God we all had a wonderful day!

I’m overwhelmed by the compliments I received from Penny and Kit and other clients and friends who viewed some of these images on my facebook page previously.  But all credits belong to God who brought us a wonderful day. =)


V Photography

Locations: Shek O, Central
Lighting partner: Stanley
Make up artist: Priscilla Chan