IsaBella & Chris ♥ Pre-Wedding

IsaBella & Chris would like to have the pre-wedding shooting taken place in both of their childhood places, so that the photos could always bring them back their good memories.   Before we started our childhood journey, we first shot at IsaBella’s club house for an elegant mood.

We then proceed to Tsz Wan Shan Central Park, where IsaBella grew up.  Almost the whole district is changed and all old buildings were gone except this park.  It is where IsaBella used to play after school always.  And how amazing is that a tuck shop where IsaBella used to buy her snacks always is still there.

When we did the shooting, a lot of elderly people were playing chess under a pavilion, which is very common in HK for decades.  We on purpose took some photos there, making a special constrast against our sweet couple. =)

And we then travelled to Lei Yue Mun, where Chris grew up.  It’s a very charming fish village in HK.  It’s very famous for seafood restaurants and like many HK people, the only few times I went there was for seafood dinner at night time.  This shooting session brought me to this amazing place first time in day time and it’s then I see the true beauty of this fish village.  Even it’s the first time I see this scenery, it’s no problem for me to do the shooting.  I love exploring new places and find the beauty of various places.  Many clients and friends told me they were very impressed with the photos especially because they have never seen other photographers taking the photos with those backgrounds/ angles.

As the sun came down, we went to Sheung Wan.  Initially IsaBella and Chris told me they’d like to take a shot in front of St. John’s Chapel in Central because they’re Christians and they want a few of their photos to show their relationship with God.  I explained to them that due to the distance of the shooting places, we wouldn’t have sufficent time to arrive St. John’s Chapel in day time.  And plus the face that they didn’t want to sacrifice shooting at the club house and childhood places they planned, I suggested having the background of a big cross I found in Sheung Wan some time ago to bring out the God-men message and they’re overjoyed with the idea.  And many of their church friends told me (as I shot for their wedding day) that they love it a lot.


V Photography

Locations: Private club house, Tsz Wan Shan Central Park, Lei Yue Mun, Sheung Wan
Lighting partner: Stanley