Glamourous Boudoir – exclusively for brides/ wives

This is my new photography service extended to brides/ wives. =)

Being a newlywed wife, I really enjoy shooting for the true beauty of brides and wives.  I believe God created each of us unique.  Everyone can be beautiful inside and outside.  My wishes are to bring out the charm, the style, the character, the love of the lady. =)

I want to express my sincere thanks to the brides and wives for their trust on me for shooting these loving images.  I really love them.  And clients’ consents were obtained for all photos posted.  Rest assured that no photos would be published without clients’ approval.  The shooting were mostly taken at hotel rooms and one at a studio.  I simply love the natural light from the big windows in hotel rooms.  And the shooting would take place without any males present.

I only posted some of the photos here.  I would show more to the interested clients face to face from my macbook when we meet up. =)

And the first 6 who signed up for June-Aug sessions, would receive MY handmade album free of charge. =)

what do you think?

each page is separated by a tracing paper for great protection for the photo print (this is with the tracing paper on top), and beautifully decorated by a lace strip

(after flipping over the tracing paper)

Love it?

The album is covered by a high quality hemp cotton fabric.  And you could pick either a Khaki lace ribbon

or, a sexy black lace ribbon. =)


V Photography

Make up artists: Photos#1, 4, 5: Priscilla Chan;  Photos#6, 7: Cat @tnm bride workshop