Esther & Billy ♥ Pre-Wedding

I had a fun shooting session for Esther & Billy, a young and cheerful couple at Shek O and Stanley. Despite of the not-very-pleasant weather as mentioned in my previous post , we… Continue reading


What to do if your Pre-Wedding shooting day happens to be a rainy and windy day? I had my first-ever Pre-Wedding shooting for a beautiful couple last Sunday.   No blue sky, but an… Continue reading

pre-wedding samples

shooting models

  it’s a nice pleasure working with these young yet professional models. 🙂

band show

ever dreamed of staging music at the famous tourism spot, the Avenue of Stars which is located at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade?  now your dream can come true, and free of charge!… Continue reading

beach man!

let me introduce to you my lighting partner, stanley, aka my hubby. 🙂